About Wayne

Wayne knew he wanted to be an entertainer at a very early age influenced by early 50’s Rock-N-Roll. He started playing guitar at the age of nine. Wayne took 16 music lessons and his teacher told him he would never learn to play the guitar. He quit lessons and learned to play on his own and picked it up from other kids who were learning to play.
He first played in front of an audience in the 4th grade playing guitar and singing Tom Dooley by the Kingston Trio in the auditorium in front of the whole school for a talent show, winning 1st place. After that, he formed several bands and played at several different schools and playgrounds.

Wayne played his first bar at the age of 12 with his friend Don Osmek on Halloween. Don’s parents were present and they made $5.00 each. In the future, Wayne played every chance he could. In High School, he played in many rock bands and after he graduated he got married and lost contact with the rock scene.

Wayne learned to play the drums and would play in polka bands and country bands, which he didn’t care for but helped get him on stage. He was forced to play guitar one night in the country band he was playing drums for when their guitar player couldn’t make it. After that he learned how to play country music and the rest is history.

Wayne formed many bands and played for many more. He played for the Cascades and backed up local country stars like Sherwin Linton and Marvin Rainwater when they appeared at the 38th Parallel Bar in South Minneapolis. He also played with Eddy and the Fugitives, the Johnnie White Show, Judy Jo, Freddy Miller, Cal Houley, Jim Slate, Jan Stark, Dale Henry, The Fendermen and many more.

Wayne feels fortunate to have played at the Flame Cafe in Minneapolis where many famous musicians like Waylon Jennings, Sammi Smith, Little Jimmie Dickens, Hank Snow and many others played. When he played for the Silver Kings at the Silver Dollar Club in Minneapolis they had a radio show on WMIN every Sunday. He became a studio musician for Leo Moe at Moon Records in St. Paul and also recorded his first 45 record with that studio (Papa and My Way). He also recorded on two 45 records and an album for Johnnie White. Currently Wayne has 4 CD’s and a DVD of his induction into the Legends of South Dakota Country Music Hall of Fame at Rooster’s Pub in Garretson, SD.